California Man Shot To Death By Former Fellow Gang Members

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A California man was shot to death by his former fellow gang members.

Jeremy Bailey and Christopher Corbit
A California man was shot to death by his former fellow gang members, Jeremy Bailey, left, and Christopher Corbit, right. (Photo: Your Central Valley)

Former Fellow Gang Members Fatally Shot California Man

A 22-year-old California man named Adonis Tapia was fatally shot by brothers Jeremy Bailey and Christopher Corbit, who reportedly were on the same gang where the California man dropped out before.

During the investigation, authorities believed the suspects murdered the California man due to gang issues after Corbit confessed that both brutally fired gunshots at the victim, Action News reported.

However, the defense attorney claimed that the California man drove into the suspects’ residence back and forth, making them fear for their safety, especially their mother, who was inside the house; that’s why Bailey and Corbit decided to follow his vehicle, which led to the tragic incident.

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California Man Died and Left 5-Year-Old Daughter Behind

The California man, who tragically died in the shooting incident, left a 5-year-old daughter behind, and his other family members remained mourning his death despite hearing the sentence the suspects received.

Bailey and Corbit received a sentence of 19 years to life in prison, but the California man’s family knew it was not the justice they wanted and deserved. They wanted their family member’s life back—an impossible cry for justice.

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