Californian legislators ask the AG to remove Donald Trump from the Republican primary ballot

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On Monday, 9 Democratic California senators urged the state’s attorney general to consult with a judge about whether former President Donald J. Trump’s participation in the Capitol Riot warranted his exclusion from the Republican primary ballots within the 14th Amendment.

Rob Bonta’s office received a reminder from the lawmakers that “no individual will occupy any office who has taken an oath in favor of the Constitution of the United States, or been engaged in insurrection.”

In an extraordinary attempt to prevent the peaceful transition of presidential authority and jeopardize American democracy, Trump’s followers violently rioted at the U.S. Capitol in the days before the April indictment, which resulted in 4 felonies against him.

Assemblymembers Mike Fong, Mike Gipson, Corey Jackson, Alex Lee, Kevin McCarty, Stephanie Nguyen, and Phil Ting all issued the letter, along with State Senator Josh Becker and Assemblymembers Mike Gipson, Mike Fong, and Mike Gipson.

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