Can We Expect More Wildfires Like This in the Future?


Having so much dangerous wildfire smoke disrupting daily life in the eastern United States and crossing the Canadian border, it begs the worrying question: Would it be additional instances of such incidents in the years to come, and if so, what could be taken regarding it?

Let’s take a moment to look back. Since coal, oil, and gas have been used unrestrained for 150 years, worldwide average temperatures have risen. Because of this, heat waves have become more common and powerful.

The additional heat in the environment has increased the chance of intense, occasionally catastrophic weather worldwide. While this does not imply that there will always be severe weather in the same locations, certain areas are geographically more vulnerable to particular disasters. There may be a drought that is worse in Australia. As the oceans rise, low-lying islands are predicted to suffer greater storm waves.

Wildfires may spread more rapidly or burn more intensely in hot, dry areas.

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