Carjacking Suspects Apprehended in Chicago After New Lenox Incident

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The incident unfolded earlier that day when an Uber driver arrived at the 1600 block of Eagle Circle to pick up a passenger.

Carjacking Suspects
Carjacking Suspects ( Photo: Yahoo News )

Two individuals suspected of a carjacking in New Lenox were apprehended on Tuesday night following a pursuit in Chicago, according to local authorities

At that moment, a white Hyundai Accent sedan approached the scene, carrying two masked male suspects armed with firearms. The armed men forcefully removed the victim from his vehicle after demanding the keys. In the process, one of the suspects struck the victim on the head with a gun. They proceeded to rob him of his wallet and cell phone before attempting to flee in his Toyota Venza. However, they encountered difficulties operating the car and abandoned it just a few houses away.

Meanwhile, a third suspect remained in the Hyundai, never exiting the vehicle. Ultimately, the suspects escaped the area in the stolen Hyundai. Later that evening, the New Lenox police reported that the stolen vehicle, which had been involved in the carjacking, was engaged in a pursuit with the Illinois State Police in Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood.

Law enforcement successfully arrested an 18-year-old male in connection with an unrelated crime in Chicago

The teenager was subsequently transported to a juvenile correction facility, facing charges in the city. As for the New Lenox carjacking, no charges have been filed yet, and an ongoing investigation is underway.

Following the assault, the victim received medical attention for his head injury at Silver Cross Hospital. Thankfully, his cell phone was later discovered along Route 30. Authorities have confirmed that there is no connection between the individual who requested the Uber ride and the suspects involved in the carjacking.


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