Carjackings in Washington, DC, exceed 900 in 2023 as crime rates keep rising

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There were more than 900 carjackings in the district this year, according to the most recent data, which was made public on Thanksgiving. Washington, D.C. is now seeing a steady increase in crime.

Recent statistics indicate that in 2023, there were 911 carjacking offenses reported. It is troubling to see that guns were used in an incredible 77% of these occurrences. With 159 charges made about these carjackings, the officials have only been able to close 244 cases thus far. It is noteworthy that a considerable proportion of the arrests—roughly 65%—involve minors. In 2022, there were 485 carjacking events, to put everything in context.

The Metropolitan Police Department states that carjacking is the act of forcibly taking an automobile.

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