Case Bryan Kohberger: Idaho court urges for decision-making regarding possible trial date and venue changes

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On Wednesday, it was decided not to schedule a trial date for Bryan Kohberger, the suspected University of Idaho student murderer. Instead, a hearing to decide whether to transfer the case elsewhere will take place in May.

Judge John Judge heard arguments regarding the trial schedule and the defense’s request for a new trial location when Kohberger reappeared in court.

To settle on a possible venue shift, the judge scheduled a hearing for May 14. The defense has contended that prospective jurors may be swayed by the extensive media coverage of the case. He stated that he would shift the trial to a different county, if necessary, but he would not guarantee this.

The biggest concerns, according to the prosecutors, are how the media coverage impacts the jurors and the widespread popularity.

“I’m hearing closely to each of the sides, and it’s an extremely difficult case,” the judge remarked. “It’s a death sentence case.”

The defense seeks additional time to get ready, although the prosecution had originally asked for a trial date of this June, following the conclusion of the spring semester.

“A fair and unbiased jury is not possible in Latah County in response to the broad, inflammatory pretrial exposure, accusations created regarding Mr. Kohberger to the general public by media that would be unlawful at his trial, the tiny size of the community, the salacious character of the alleged offenses, and the seriousness of the charges Mr. Kohberger faces,” Anne Taylor, the head of Kohberger’s defense team, wrote court filing from January.

In the past, Taylor requested that Kohberger’s trial be postponed till at least 2025. The Judge expressed his displeasure that the trial might start on March 3, 2025. Taylor advised that the trial start in the summer of 2025, claiming that the chosen date is improbable.

On Wednesday, the two parties disagreed about an alibi deadline. On the morning of the killings, Kohberger was out and about in his vehicle. Taylor claimed that because her customer was engaged in more than just driving, she needed a professional investigation on cell towers.

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