Chicago Expressway Shootings Reach More Than 80 Cases Following Frequent Road Rage Shootings

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Chicago expressway shootings reached more than 80 cases following frequent road rage shootings.

Chicago Expressway Shootings
Chicago expressway shootings reached more than 80 cases following frequent road rage shootings. (Photo: ABC7 Chicago)

Chicago Expressway Shootings Reach Over 80 Cases Despite Declining Gun Violence Due to Frequent Road Rage Shootings

Chicago expressway shootings reached over 80 cases despite declining gun violence within the city following frequent road rage shootings as the Chicago expressway shootings were fewer than the number of shooting incidents reported last year but remained higher than pre-pandemic.

According to a report published in Chicago Sun Times, the high number of Chicago expressway shootings continues due to the frequent road rage shootings, which usually start from arguments and conflicts happening in streets or neighborhoods or suspects attempting to escape from their crimes.

With the increasing Chicago expressway shootings, there are already hundreds of people being killed or injured in the city due to road rage incidents, leading to local officials encouraging people, including tourists to be more alert and aware of Chicago expressway shootings when visiting or wandering around the city.

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Local Officials Implement Preventive Measures to Reduce Increasing Chicago Expressway Shootings

Following the high cases of Chicago expressway shootings, local officials implemented preventive measures to reduce the shooting incidents, including using drones and the expansion of automated license plate readers.

There was also an increase of officers patrolling around the city that would immediately respond to any suspicious encounters to prevent the increasing numbers of Chicago expressway shootings, the Daily Herald reported.

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