Cold Case Solved: Alleged Perpetrator to Monica Rollins’ Double Murder Case Confessed After 20 years

Perpetrator to Monica Rollins' double murder case in 2002 found after 20 years. 


In September 2002, a gruesome stabbing accident befell Monica Rollins’ home in Heflin, Alabama. After not hearing from Monica Rollins, her family immediately showed up at her doorsteps and witnessed the dead bodies of 23-year-old Monica Rollins and her eldest child, Dalton, a 6-year-old boy.

The two individuals have been stabbed to death by an unknown perpetrator. Luckily, one family member remained unscathed as Monica Rollins’ other child, Aaron,3, was seen hiding in the closet, based on an article on Law and Crime.

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L- Monica Rollins, R-Dalton Rollins (photo: Law&Crime)


According to an old article, released by detectives, Monica Rollins’ stab wounds have caused the Alabama woman to have premature labor and delivery, resulting in the death of her eight-month-old unborn child. This horrifying case went cold thereafter.


Finally, after 20 years, Investigator, Captain Scott Bonner, was able to solve Monica Rollins’ case. With the aid of Season of Justice, a nonprofit organization that aims to crack cold cases, and the state, investigators were able to spend time looking at a “truckload of evidence” regarding the case for almost three years, resulting in the arrest after 20 years of the perpetrator.


“It was definitely the hardest case, and I’ve worked several homicide cases in my career, the box of reports and everything we had to go through, that alone took several months.”

According to Bonner in a press conference, the perpetrator, Lewis Ladon Spivey, now 39, was arrested and charged with two counts of murder when he allegedly stabbed to death Monica Rollins and her son when he was 18 years old. The murderer was an acquaintance and is said to be in a relationship with Monica Rollins during that year,


When investigators confronted Spivey, he allegedly gave them a “complete confession and took sole responsibility”  for the Dalton and Monica Rollins case. Spivey was already serving time in a Florida prison for 15 years for his counts of aggravated assault and robbery in Bay County in February 2010.

Booked photo of Lewis Ladon Spivey sourced from LAW & Crime (left from Florida Department of Corrections- right from Cleburne County Jail)


Though he was investigated in the Monica Rollins case before, investigation agencies did not immediately see his connection to the case, He was transferred readily to the Cleburne County jail for the crimes committed against Monica Rollins and her son, Dalton. A judge denied him bail.


According to  Captain Bonner, the Monica Rollins case has become a personal one after staying close to the family for almost three years. He owed the solving of the case to good investigation work done prior to this.

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