What Is the Alabama Accountability Act-Mandated List of Failing Schools for 2022?

  • As required by the Alabama Accountability Act, the Alabama State Department of Education announced its 2022 failing school list. 79 schools appear. Four more schools failed than last year’s 75.
  • Parents who want to transfer their child to a non-failing school will be pleased. The list is difficult to uncover since state education officials uploaded it on their website without announcing its availability or providing instructions.
  • This year fewer Birmingham schools were listed. Booker T. Washington K-8, Brown Elementary, Hemphill Elementary, West End Academy, Hudson K-8, Jones Valley Middle, and Putnam Middle School were removed.
  • In 2022, four Birmingham schools—Arrington Elementary, Central Park Elementary, Inglenook K-8, and Parker High School—joined the list.
  • Birmingham City Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Sullivan is happy with all pupils’ academic progress.
  • When COVID-19 struck a few years ago, school districts didn’t have good preparations, so instructors and kids tried to learn in the classroom without the classroom, according to Erika Hughes of the Central Alabama AFT.
  • Erica Hughes added, “No one should be startled by anything we’ve been through in the previous 2.5 years. “Education costs all.” “It was a lack of preparation and it affected schooling from the start,” she added.

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