Conflict among prosecutors and police slows the search for the Gilgo Beach killer


A Long Island district lawyer’s office focused on a retired police officer 10 years after an inquiry of 11 deaths near Gilgo Beach began the hunt for one of America’s toughest serial killers.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, which recently gained cutting-edge technology, utilized an analysis of old mobile device data to zero in on a small list of suspects who had resided in one restless neighborhood near the shore, including the former officer, whose first name complemented those on a belt utilized to attach one among the victims.

Prosecutors started to get excited in 2021 as they got closer to resolving the case.

However, there was one issue: the homicide investigators who were pursuing the suspect were on the point of mutinying.

Numerous senior law enforcement authorities who knew about the case stated that prosecutors suspected the officers disobeyed directives and fought with federal allies.

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