Conspiracy Theories Against Vaccines are an attempt to keep citizens from learning the truth regarding the Titanic, the Titan Sub Disaster


Stew Peters, a conspiracy researcher and podcaster, made the outrageous allegation that the Titan sub accident might have been a clever trick to keep individuals from witnessing the Titanic shipwreck.

On the Thursday episode of his television program, Peter, whose anti-vaccine ideas have recently made the news, expressed his opinions. Eric Hananoki started spreading the footage on Twitter.

Following a communication breakdown previously in the week, trash from the Titan submarine was discovered on Thursday.

Having taped the show before the headlines fell apart, Peters commented, “Chances are by this time, all of the individuals who were on that sub that fell attempting to get to the Titanic are killed from rushing low on oxygen, or even from seeing the whole sub burst as an aluminum tin.”

“Well, that is the storyline that practically every news source is using. But as you are aware, according to our policy, if every news source agrees on something, that may be kept a secret,” Peters stated.

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