Couple Killed in Ontario Home During Altercation with Landlord

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The Hamilton Police are currently investigating the double homicide that occurred in the Stoney Creek neighborhood.

Couple Killed in Ontario
Couple Killed in Ontario ( Photo: The Toronto Star )

A tragic incident unfolded in Ontario, Canada, resulting in the death of a couple and their landlord

The victims, identified as Carissa MacDonald, 27, and Aaron Stone, 28, were tenants at the residence where the incident took place. According to a news release from the police department, officers arrived at the scene around 5:40 p.m. only to find the couple already deceased from gunshot wounds. The suspect, a 57-year-old man who served as their landlord, had barricaded himself inside the home using firearms registered under his name.

Authorities made efforts to negotiate with the suspect for several hours but were unable to reach a peaceful resolution. Monica Hudon, a spokesperson for the Special Investigations Unit of Ontario, stated that the suspect’s death is now under investigation by the unit.

During the negotiation process, the landlord opened fire multiple times at a police vehicle, while talks were being conducted over the phone. At approximately 10 p.m., the suspect engaged in a shootout with a responding officer, resulting in his death at the scene, according to the Special Investigations Unit.

Carissa MacDonald worked as an educational assistant, while Aaron Stone was an electrician

The couple had recently become engaged. Hamilton Police officially confirmed their identities on Tuesday, following authorization from the families.

Police have determined that both victims were attempting to flee the residence when they were fatally shot. It is reported that the couple were considered “truly innocent victims” by law enforcement. Jeff Beattie, the Ward 10 councilor, expressed his shock at the incident, stating that such tragedies were uncommon in the usually quiet neighborhood.

The exact details surrounding the dispute between the tenants and their landlord remain unclear. However, Hamilton Police have disclosed that it did not involve a missed rental payment. Detective Sergeant Jim Bereziuk stated, “The early indication on that is it sounds like there was some type of dispute regarding the state of the home.” As the investigation into the shooting is ongoing, additional information has not been released.


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