Creepy News: George Bone, Alleged To Be Living With Girlfriend’s Body In Closet For Months, Has Been Charged With Murder, Police Says


George Bone was suspected of murdering his girlfriend told detectives that he lived in a closet with her body for months before she was discovered.

Creepy News: George Bone, Alleged To Be Living With Girlfriend’s Body In Closet For Months, Has Been Charged With Murder, Police Says

Ma’s body was discovered by police on July 26 after the woman’s family discovered her in a residence. Ma’s partner, according to reports, was George Bone, and the two were living together.

According to the family, they went to the residence where the two were supposed to check on the air conditioning equipment. They had received a large bill, and the repairman had stated that no one was answering the door.

They arrived at the house, but Ma did not respond.

According to the arrest report, they spoke with George Bone upstairs, and he informed them that Ma had died.

According to the allegation, while a family member was on hold with 911, she asked George Bone why he didn’t contact the cops and why he stayed in the house with her body.

He allegedly told a family member that he wished to extend his detention. George Bone was characterized by his relatives as being casual about the situation and brushing his teeth while speaking to them.

The woman’s family stated that they were not close but kept in touch with Ma because she had experienced tragedy in the past.

They last saw her in April, but she stopped responding to their messages a few months ago.

During his police interrogation, George Bone stated that he had known Ma since high school and that they began dating in 2019 after he was released from prison. George Bone admitted to authorities that he had previously been convicted of lewdness with a youngster as a sex offender. According to an arrest report, he began living with Ma in July 2022 and Bone stated that they fought frequently.

According to the arrest report, George began living with Ma in July 2022 and told police they fought frequently.

Ma dialed 911 at about 4:40 a.m. on May 4, according to officials. Dispatchers could hear a lady and a man yelling at each other, but Ma did not react to the dispatcher’s questions, and the line went dead.

Officers stated that they knocked on the door of the residence. However, no one responded.

During his police interview, George Bone reportedly told detectives that he discovered Ma in the closet with a belt around her neck in May. He responded to her phone’s text messages so her relatives would believe she was still alive.

George Bone also informed authorities that due to the abundance of flies in the residence, he kept the temperature at 60 degrees.

Investigators did not discover consistent evidence supporting Bone’s statement of Ma’s suicide attempt, according to his arrest report. When police pointed out these inconsistencies to Bone, he stated that he had no idea how to dispose of a body.

The police interview ended when George Bone demanded an attorney.

In a July 27 hearing, Bone was denied bail. His next court appearance is on August 1.

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