DeSantis enacts legislation that overturns a US Supreme Court decision and mandates the death sentence for child rape

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In opposition to a decision by the US Supreme Court, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has put a bill into law imposing the death sentence for child rape.

DeSantis stated during a news conference on Monday in Brevard County, “In Florida, we fight for the safety of children.” “We believe that the most suitable punishment in the most extreme case is the eternal punishment.”

However, in a 5-4 decision in 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court restricted states from applying the death punishment to rapes of children if the crime did not result in the death of the victim. The court decides that the death penalty in certain situations would represent “unusual and cruel punishment.”

However, according to DeSantis, the present, conservative-majority U.S. Supreme Court might be open to reconsidering the earlier decision.

He stated during the news conference, “We believe that choice was incorrect. This law establishes a process for challenging that judgment.

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