DeSantis labels Trump’s theories about the 2020 race as “unsubstantiated”

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The theories of election fraud at the center of former President Donald Trump’s plan to rig the 2020 election were rejected as “unsubstantiated” by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday.

When questioned about his position on Trump’s allegations of a “stolen” election, DeSantis broke from his typical arrogance and denied the accusation without pointing to his front-runner for the Republican nominee.

After his campaign stop in Iowa, he responded to a reporter’s inquiry by saying, “I’ve mentioned several times that the election is what it is. “None of the ideas that were floated turned out to be true.”

The governor continued by noting that while the 2020 election wasn’t “performed in the manner I believe we wish to,” it is not the same as arguing that “Maduro stole votes” or something similar.

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