Discovery of Bodies in Abandoned Texas Home Leads to Arrest of Probationer for Double Murder


The incident unfolded in Decatur, a rural city located approximately 65 miles northwest of Dallas.

Discovery of Bodies in Abandoned Texas Home
Discovery of Bodies in Abandoned Texas Home ( Photo: Law & Crime )

A grisly discovery in an abandoned rural home has led to the arrest of a Texas convict on probation for the murder of his wife and 11-year-old daughter

Law enforcement officials were initially unaware of the victims’ disappearance until Kimberly Kellam’s brother-in-law contacted the Wise County Sheriff’s Office on June 12, expressing concern over the extended absence of Kellam and her eldest daughter. Authorities promptly investigated the family’s residence, only to find it deserted. Further inquiries revealed that the daughter had not been enrolled in school since 2022.

The subsequent investigation quickly zeroed in on Kellam’s husband, 45-year-old Robert Morairity, who was located by a joint effort involving the Wise County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Rangers, and Dallas police. Morairity was found residing in a Dallas hotel with his two other children, aged 3 and 10.

According to Sheriff Lane Akin, the family had refrained from reporting their suspicions earlier due to fear of Morairity. Eventually, however, Morairity confessed to the authorities, disclosing that the bodies of his wife and daughter were concealed in the garage of their abandoned home for approximately five to six months.

The motive behind the heinous act and the exact cause of death remain unclear

However, Akin affirmed that the evidence strongly implicates Morairity as the perpetrator. At the time of the crime, Morairity was on probation following his guilty plea in 2019 for two counts of child endangerment. His probation period ended on March 29, 2023.

The accused led law enforcement officials, including deputies and a Texas Ranger, to the location where the bodies were hidden. Subsequently, he was taken into custody and now faces charges of murder, capital murder, and tampering with evidence. Presently, Morairity is detained at the Wise County jail on an $800,000 bond. The discovery of the victims’ bodies serves as a tragic reminder of the horrors that can unfold within seemingly ordinary communities.


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