Dr. Katharine Grawe’s Medical License Permanently Revoked for Livestreaming Surgeries and Violating Patient Privacy


The board made this decision due to Dr. Katharine Grawe’s misconduct, which included live-streaming surgeries on TikTok and violating patients’ privacy.

Dr. Katharine Grawe
Dr. Katharine Grawe ( Photo: CTV News )

Dr. Katharine Grawe, also known as “Dr. Roxy,” has had her medical license permanently revoked by the Ohio Medical Board

Online records reviewed by Law&Crime indicate that Dr. Katharine Grawe failed to meet the required standard of care and prioritized her social media presence over her patients’ well-being. In addition to the license revocation, Dr. Katharine Grawe has been fined $4,500.

Multiple instances of live-streaming patient surgeries from 2018 to 2022 led to reprimands for Dr. Katharine Grawe. Unfortunately, three patients experienced complications during their surgeries and required further treatment afterward.

One of the patients, referred to as Patient One, suffered injuries during a surgery live-streamed by Dr. Katharine Grawe in 2022. The patient had six puncture wounds in the small intestines and needed multiple corrective surgeries. Dr. Jonathan B. Feibel, vice president of the medical board, emphasized that these outcomes were not typical complications but rather a result of recklessness and disregard for medical standards in Ohio.

The board also found that many of the surgeries live-streamed by Dr. Katharine Grawe were posted without the patients’ consent, violating their privacy rights

During the hearing, Dr. Katharine Grawe expressed remorse for her actions and stated that she had learned from her mistakes. Dr. Katharine Grawe pledged to change her social media practices and vowed never to live stream surgeries again. However, Dr. Katharine Grawe’s apologies did not sway the board, with one member dismissing her videos as mere marketing tactics.

The Ohio Medical Board’s decision reflects its commitment to protecting the public from the actions of reckless physicians like Dr. Katharine Grawe, ensuring the well-being and privacy of patients in the state.


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