English Comedian Russell Brand Under Investigation Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

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The Metropolitan Police have confirmed their active investigation into these claims, although English comedian Russell Brand vehemently refutes them.

English Comedian Russell Brand Under Investigation Amid Sexual Assault
English Comedian Russell Brand Under Investigation Amid Sexual Assault ( Photo: Sky News )

English comedian Russell Brand is currently under investigation in the U.K. which has alleged that the 48-year-old entertainer engaged in acts of rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse over seven years

According to the Met, a series of reports detailing sexual offenses have been received both within London and in other parts of the country since the exposé was published. These allegations pertain to incidents that occurred in the past.

Specialist support will be provided to the women who have come forward with their accusations. The inquiry is being led by detectives from the Met’s Central Specialist Crime Command, under the direction of Detective Superintendent Andy Furphy.

Detective Superintendent Furphy urged potential victims, regardless of when the incident took place, to contact them. He emphasized the availability of a dedicated team of officers equipped to offer guidance and support. The four women involved in the exposé assert that the sexual assaults occurred between 2006 and 2013.

English comedian Russell Brand preemptively contested the allegations on social media a day before the story’s release, denouncing them as “extremely egregious and aggressive attacks”

English comedian Russell Brand maintained that, during his past promiscuity, all relationships were consensual, a fact he was forthright about at the time. English comedian Russell Brand finds it distressing that this transparency has been misconstrued as criminal behavior, which he vehemently denies.

In light of these allegations, English comedian Russell Brand’s live tour has been postponed, and YouTube has temporarily suspended monetization privileges on his channel.


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