Ex-Convict Indicted on First-Degree Murder Charge for Brutal Stabbing Death


The incident occurred last month on a desert trail in northeast Phoenix, where Heike was brutally attacked from behind and stabbed 15 times.

Ex-Convict Indicted on First-Degree Murder Charge
Ex-Convict Indicted on First-Degree Murder Charge ( Photo: New York Post )

An ex-convict, Zion Teasley, aged 22, has been formally charged with first-degree murder in the tragic killing of Lauren Heike

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office announced the grand jury indictment on Monday and is currently assessing the case to determine whether to pursue the death penalty. As of now, it remains uncertain whether Teasley has retained legal representation to speak on his behalf.

The Phoenix Police Department reported that Heike’s lifeless body was discovered on April 29 near a hiking trail, approximately half a mile away from her residence. However, investigators believe she was murdered the day before. Court documents reveal that Heike displayed defensive wounds on her hands and arms, indicating her struggle to fend off the assailant.

Additionally, it is suspected that she may have been pursued and possibly forced over a barbed wire fence during the attack. Authorities investigating the case believe the assault to be a random act of violence, with no apparent motive, as Teasley allegedly followed Heike along the trail.

The exact reason behind the murder remains unclear

Teasley was apprehended on May 4 after law enforcement utilized DNA evidence collected from the crime scene, along with surveillance footage, to link him to the incident. Records from the Arizona Department of Corrections indicate that Teasley had previously served 16 months in state prison in Eloy for armed robbery and other felonies. He was released in November 2020.

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell expressed her condolences to Heike’s family, acknowledging the immense pain they are enduring due to the loss of their loved one. She affirmed the commitment of her office to diligently pursue justice on behalf of Lauren and her grieving family. Heike’s mother described her daughter as “beautiful inside and out,” emphasizing her kind-hearted nature. Hailing from Washington State, Heike had recently relocated to the area.


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