Ex-Correctional Officer Convicted Of Sexually Abusing Female Inmates In California Prison


An ex-correctional officer was convicted of sexually abusing female inmates in California.

Correctional officers
Correctional officers have been convicted of sexually abusing inmates in a California federal prison. (Photo: KTVU)

Ex-Correctional Officer Found Guilty After Sexually Abusing Two Female Inmates in California Women’s Prison

A 40-year-old ex-correctional officer named John Russell Bellhouse was found guilty Monday after sexually abusing two female inmates in a California women’s prison following several reports of sexual abuse in the same prison.

According to AP News reports, the ex-correctional officer started sexually abusing women by forcing them to perform oral sex on him and touching them inappropriately inside the prison’s office after having an interest in one female inmate, whom he began referring to as his “girlfriend.”

During the investigation, authorities also discovered that the ex-correctional officer hired another inmate to be on the lookout outside to prevent him from being caught sexually abusing the inmates inside the office.

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California Ex-Correctional Officer Will Be Sentenced After Sexually Abusing Female Inmates Inside Prison

The victims of the ex-correctional officer felt heard after getting the justice they deserved and claimed that no one, even prisoners, does not deserve to experience any abuse, including sexual abuse.

Following the conviction of the ex-correctional officer, authorities revealed several reports of abuse that had already been happening for years inside the women’s prison, citing that its former warden was also charged with molesting several inmates before.

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