FBI Tip Line Leads To Texas Mass Shooting Suspect Arrest

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A tip submitted through the FBI tip line led to the arrest of the Texas mass shooting suspect.

Texas mass shooting
A tip submitted through the FBI tip line led to the arrest of the Texas mass shooting suspect. (Photo: KHOU)

Search For the Texas Mass Shooting Suspect

Francisco Oropesa (also spelled as “Oropeza) fled after fatally shooting his five neighbors, including a 9-year-old boy, when one of the victims asked him to stop firing a rifle near their home because their child was trying to sleep, leading to the tragic incident.

Following the tragic incident, authorities launched a manhunt consisting of more than 225 officers from different states and opened the FBI tip line for more chances to locate the mass shooting suspect.

Apart from the thorough search and the FBI tip line, FBI Special Agent in Charge informed the public about the $80,000 total reward for anyone who will help in the arrest of Oropesa after the additional $25,000 FBI reward.

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Texas Mass Shooting Suspect Arrested Through FBI Tip Line

According to the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office, they received a tip-off through the FBI tip line and told them about the whereabouts of Oropesa, Fox News reported.

Authorities took risks and went to the location 20 miles from where the mass shooting happened. They arrested the suspect, who was discovered hiding in a closet and was taken to a facility.

Following the arrest, the Texas governor announced a $55,000 reward for the individual who dared to submit a tip to the FBI tip line, and authorities credited their courage for the great help in the investigation.

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