Fecal matter Pollutants Have Flooded California’s Beaches


The unattractive problem of fecal bacteria pollution at a few of California’s most beloved beaches is highlighted in a new study from the environmental organization Heals the Bay. Unbelievably, San Mateo County is home to 50% of the state’s top ten worst beaches, with Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica distinguishing out as the third-most contaminated beach on the West Coast.

Although exposing the Pacific Ocean, Linda Mar Beach suffers from poor water flow, along with other San Mateo County beaches that received low scores. This promotes a contaminant-friendly atmosphere. According to popular belief, the situation is not made worse by winter storms that have added more water to California’s coastal regions. Instead, the water purity throughout the drier months (April to October), which overlap with peak tourist season and increased testing, is what gives these “beach bummers” their questionable names.

A poor score suggests the existence of fecal indicator bacteria, which could be indications for dangerous diseases. These may result in gastrointestinal problems as well as diseases of both ears and eyes as well as levels of germs and contact.

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