Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Former School Security Guard for Excessive Force on Student’s Neck

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The guard, Shawn Guetschow, who was also a Kenosha police officer, allegedly put his knee on the child’s neck while attempting to break up a cafeteria fight last year.

Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Former School Security Guard
Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Former School Security Guard ( Photo: ABC7 Chicago )

A federal lawsuit has been filed by a father and his middle-school-aged daughter against a former school security guard in Kenosha, Wisconsin

The lawsuit, filed in US District Court, accuses Guetschow of using excessive force and employing an unlawful chokehold on the girl, referred to as Jane Doe, during her arrest following the altercation. The legal action also names the school district and the city of Kenosha as defendants, claiming that they failed to adequately train and supervise Guetschow during his tenure as a security guard.

Surveillance footage released by the school district revealed the guard intervening in a fight between two students. He was either struck or fell backward while holding onto one of the students, identified as Jane Doe. The guard then appeared to hit his head on a nearby table. Subsequently, he was observed on top of the student, using one hand to push her head onto the floor and placing his knee on her neck for approximately 25 seconds.

The girl was handcuffed and taken away

According to the lawsuit, Guetschow’s attorney claimed that he was “pushed to the ground” and hit his head on a table during the incident. However, the legal document asserts that the guard tripped and the girl did not contribute to his fall. The charges of disorderly conduct against the 12-year-old student were later resolved, and she was not convicted.

The lawsuit highlights the emotional distress, mental trauma, anxiety, and physical injuries suffered by the girl as a result of the incident. After the incident went viral on social media, Guetschow resigned from his part-time security guard position with the Kenosha Unified School District.


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