First Lethal Injection Attempt In Alabama To Set In July Following Troubled Executions


The first lethal injection execution attempt in Alabama will be set for July following troubled executions.

James Barber
The first lethal injection execution attempt in Alabama will be set for July. (Photo: FOX10 News)

First Lethal Injection Attempt in Alabama Will Be Set in July for Convicted Murderer

The first lethal injection attempt in Alabama was approved to be set in July for the execution of the convicted murderer James Barber, who received a death sentence for beating a 75-year-old woman identified as Dorothy Epps to death in 2001.

The convicted murderer will be executed by the first lethal injection attempt on midnight of July 20 and reportedly will expire early in the morning on the next day to give more time to get the execution done.

According to reports, the Alabama prison officials acknowledged their failure in conducting execution by lethal injection due to drug problems, making the first lethal injection attempt set for July crucial for the state.

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First Lethal Injection Attempt Approved Following Several Failed Executions in Alabama

The schedule of the first lethal injection attempt was set and approved following several troubled executions that recently failed in Alabama prisons, AP News reported.

Aside from the problems with the drugs to use, the Alabama prison officials also experienced difficulties finding the inmates’ veins before their execution by lethal injection, which delayed several executions.

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