The First Reading for Trussville Entertainment District Limits to Unite Companies!

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  • Thursday, Nov. 17 was the first reading of the Trussville Entertainment District (TED) ordinance. The ordinance aims to unify TED enterprises.
  • The TED includes Shirley’s Florist, Ferus, Trussville Social, Mr. West, Corbeau Wine Bar, and Axe Downtown. TED’s lines can be expanded if the event grows.
  • Every TED business that serves alcohol needs a liquor license. TED excludes parking lots because they don’t want people leaving with open beverages.
  • Bradford: “We don’t allow drinking in the parking lot.” If included, it’s legal. Putting it inside the district border can make enforcement difficult.
  • The city can contain the pavilion and restaurants by removing the parking lot and creating a line behind the businesses. Six-foot signs will read “No alcohol beyond this point.” Trussville police will send an officer to enforce this regulation.
  • The TED would enable consumers to transport open containers of alcohol from one area to another, but the alcohol must be in plastic cups (no glass) with a receipt of purchase. Customers can’t enter another establishment with alcohol from another.
  • Lisa Bright, council president, said the paperwork helps prevent people from bringing their own liquor. Open containers must be emptied before leaving the entertainment district.
  • The ordinance changes TED’s hours. TED and companies will close at 11 p.m. if the council approves. Alcohol isn’t allowed after 11 p.m. unless a special event permit is issued. The next city council meeting is on Dec. 13 at 6 p.m. for the second reading and voting on the ordinance.

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