Florida Man Killed His Pregnant Boyfriend And After Commits Suicide


Florida man allegedly shot and murdered his 8-month pregnant boyfriend and then himself in a murder-suicide.

Florida Man Killed His Pregnant Boyfriend, And After Commits Suicide
Florida Man Killed His Pregnant Boyfriend And After Commits Suicide (Photo: YouTube)


Florida man involved in murder-suicide case

The Florida man who allegedly shot his pregnant boyfriend has a lengthy past of hurting the people in his life.

Riley John Groover, a Florida man, fatally shot and killed himself after carrying out the murder, said Polk County Sheriff’s Office. The mother of a Florida man identified the victim as Camdyn Rider, a transgender woman who was eight months pregnant at the time of the killing.

This incident happened in Inwood in the city. The Florida man shot Rider multiple times after killing himself.

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Florida man took the gun of her mother and used it to shoot Rider

Family members of a Florida man and his partner said the couple argued in the past, and it turned physical, and none of those incidents were reported to police.

Documents indicate that a Florida man had a long history of being violent. The Florida man committed these prior acts against another person, not Rider.

Florida man said he never intended to harm his victim last 2016. Records show prosecutors failed to pursue the criminal case against a Florida man.

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