Galloway Woman Pleads Guilty to Abusing Nine-Year-Old, Faces Prison Sentence

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A Galloway woman, aged 58, has pleaded guilty to charges of endangering the welfare of two children under her care.

Galloway Woman Pleads Guilty
Galloway Woman Pleads Guilty ( Photo: Press of Atlantic City )

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office revealed that Stephanie Gregory admitted to physically abusing a nine-year-old and a six-year-old

The distressing incidents occurred in 2020 and led to Gregory being charged in May 2021. During the court proceedings, it was disclosed that Gregory subjected the nine-year-old child to severe mistreatment. She confessed to utilizing a metal spatula to inflict physical harm on the young child. The abuse was so severe that it resulted in the child’s hospitalization due to starvation. Shockingly, Gregory also forced the six-year-old to witness these violent acts against their older sibling.

As part of the plea agreement, Gregory has agreed to a prison sentence of five years. Furthermore, once she is released, she will be legally prohibited from having any contact with the children involved in the case, as well as their biological mother.

The case has shed light on the importance of protecting vulnerable children and ensuring their well-being

The charges brought against Gregory reflect the serious nature of the abuse inflicted upon the nine-year-old child. The guilty plea serves as a recognition of the harm caused and will serve as a form of justice for the victims. By imposing restrictions on Gregory’s future interactions with the children, the court aims to safeguard their welfare and prevent any further harm.

This distressing case serves as a reminder of the ongoing need for vigilant protection of children and the importance of swift legal action against those who commit such heinous acts.


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