Gays and lesbians are now designated for “2nd-class status” by the Supreme Court- Sotomayor Named In Serious Dissension

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Sonia Sotomayor, a justice on the Supreme Court, sharply disagreed with the court’s decision Friday to support a web designer who declined to publicize lesbian weddings.

Due to the First Amendment, private company owners are now permitted to deny services to LGBTQ consumers under the historic civil rights decision. According to Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, who authored a majority opinion, “The chance to generate ideas for oneself and to share such ideas openly is one of the most valued rights and a portion of what makes our Republic strong.”

In a strong disagreement, Sotomayer argued in opposition, labeling the court’s ruling “profoundly incorrect” and accusing it of treating LGBTQ Americans like “second-class” citizens. Written by Sotomayer:

“Today, the Court allows a public corporation a constitutional right to decline service members of an exclusive group for the initial time in its history. In particular, the Court rules that a website design firm is resistant under the First Amendment from a state statute that forbids the firm from refusing same-sex couples access to marriage websites if the firm chooses to sell the websites to the general public.”

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