Gene Roddenberry’s Ashes Fulfill Lifelong Dream as NASA Sends Them to Space


Per the heartfelt request of Roddenberry’s widow, Majel Barrett, Wetherbee transported a small container containing a portion of Gene Roddenberry’s ashes into the vast expanse of space.

Gene Roddenberry's Ashes Fulfill Lifelong Dream as NASA Sends Them to Space
Gene Roddenberry’s Ashes Fulfill Lifelong Dream as NASA Sends Them to Space ( Photo: Houston Chronicle )

In a touching commemoration of the legendary Gene Roddenberry, the mastermind behind the beloved “Star Trek” franchise, NASA astronaut and shuttle commander James Wetherbee fulfilled a posthumous wish during the STS-52 mission

This remarkable event unfolded on October 22, 1992, when the space shuttle Columbia embarked on its celestial journey. Gene Roddenberry, the visionary architect of the utopian future depicted in “Star Trek,” harbored an enduring dream of exploring the cosmos. Tragically, he did not have the opportunity to fulfill this aspiration during his lifetime. However, through the unwavering dedication of his spouse, a fragment of Gene Roddenberry’s essence finally found its way into the heavens, marking an emotional milestone for both the Roddenberry family and the legions of fans who hold his work in high esteem.

The remarkable and sentimental gesture of sending Gene Roddenberry’s remains into space was kept under wraps for nearly two years by both NASA and the Roddenberry family

It was a revelation that astounded the world, shining a spotlight on the enduring bond between the visionary realm of “Star Trek” and the real-life exploration of outer space. This poignant tribute not only pays homage to the indelible contributions of Gene Roddenberry but also symbolizes the profound connection between the optimistic vision of “Star Trek” and the tangible pursuit of humanity’s dreams beyond the stars, a dream that had eluded the creator throughout his lifetime.


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