Given that Donald Trump is unaware of E. Jean Carroll, I question if he can truly be re-running for president

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President Joe Biden is frequently represented by Republicans as being too old, senile, and incapable of even climbing staircases (which is somewhat accurate). They easily appear to lose track that their idol Donald Trump is not a youngster and will turn 77 next year. What’s worse? Although agreeing to give E. Jean Carroll $5 million, a writer and advice columnist, he is unable to recall who she is.

Carroll stated that Trump sexually assaulted her in a changing room at the premium retailer Bergdorf Goodman in the middle of the 1990s. Trump responded to Carroll’s allegations on Truth Social, during which he was found responsible for the alleged assault and harassment of Carroll.

The jury may have determined that Trump physically assaulted, raped, or forcefully molested Carroll. They concluded that the last 2 accusations, but not the act of rape, were believable. However, Trump pays Carroll cash because this was a civil lawsuit and not a criminal proceeding. This did not make him glad.

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