Governor Abbott signs a bill that might invalidate the Harris County election results

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We will never forget the awful struggles that African American men and women experienced throughout the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, regardless of efforts to whitewash the past.

In their constant dedication to the right to vote without interruption and the ability to exercise that privilege without being mistreated and deprived of it by those who had the authority to refuse the right, African Americans were physically beaten, attacked by dogs, blasted with water hoses, arrested, and in some cases killed.

Every significant legislative choice made throughout the history of our country has affected the African American population, whether for better or worse.

Every single one of these legislative choices was made by people who were chosen or appointed and who had the legal authority to draft and pass legislation that affected our communities. A lot of these regulations were approved by elected people whose candidacies we choose to support or reject. In either case, they’ve got the authority to perform as they do.

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