Gregory Chapman Arrested for Allegedly Shooting and Killing Wife After Threats


According to reports, Gregory Chapman confessed to the police, stating that he shot his wife in response to her threatening him, saying, “You’re going to die today.”

Gregory Chapman Arrested
Gregory Chapman Arrested ( Photo: ABC )

Gregory Chapman, a 57-year-old man, has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder after allegedly shooting and killing his wife, Tomika Chapman, 47

Due to being on suicide watch, Gregory Chapman was unable to attend his bond hearing, resulting in its rescheduling. His bail has been set at $750,000, and Gregory Chapman’s next court hearing is scheduled for November 8.

During a court hearing, Gregory Chapman’s defense attorney mentioned his struggle with mental illness and a turbulent relationship with his wife. Tomika was shot inside her car in front of their home on Tuesday. Gregory Chapman confessed to the crime that same evening. Shockingly, their 4-year-old daughter was brought home by her aunt after her parents failed to pick her up from school, only to find the tragic scene of her mother’s death.

Gregory Chapman told the police that he opened fire on his wife’s vehicle after she confronted him outside, resulting in a chaotic and violent incident witnessed by neighbors

A friend of the victim, Debra Barbain-Johnson, recalled hearing gunshots and seeing Gregory pacing in the driveway. She also mentioned the screams of Gregory Chapman’s sister and their young daughter.

Tomika Chapman had recently obtained a restraining order against her husband Gregory Chapman, revealing a history of domestic abuse. The couple, reportedly together for 30 years, had faced numerous accusations of abuse and had a tumultuous relationship. Court records indicate that Gregory Chapman had filed for divorce multiple times. In January, Tomika had a two-week restraining order against him, citing abuse and threats against herself and their daughter. A protection order from October 2019, which she later canceled, detailed incidents of physical violence, including severe beatings.

Debra Barbain-Johnson expressed regret and wished she could have prevented the tragedy, highlighting the distressing aftermath of the incident.


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