Grieving Mom Demands Accountability After Tragic School Bus Incident


Just a week ago, six-year-old Fajr Atiya Williams passed away on the school bus due to a horrifying mishap.

Grieving Mom Demands Accountability
Grieving Mom Demands Accountability ( Photo: NBC New York )

A grieving mom, Najmah Nash, has called for accountability from the Franklin Township School Board following the devastating loss of her daughter in a tragic school bus incident

The bus monitor failed to notice that Williams was suffocating when her harness became entangled around her neck. In an emotional plea to the school board, grieving mom Najmah Nash questioned, “What will be your course of action to ensure that this doesn’t happen to any other family?” The grieving mom insisted on answers and sought reassurance that measures would be put in place to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

The incident has left the community deeply saddened, with Lauren Sammerson of the Special Education Parents Advisory Council expressing their collective grief. “It breaks all of our hearts because we know that could have been our child,” she shared.

The monitor on duty at the time, Amanda Davila, is accused of being distracted by her phone and headphones for a critical 14-minute period. As a result of her alleged negligence, Davila now faces second-degree manslaughter charges.

Seeking to understand the school district’s oversight, grieving mom Najmah Nash questioned the selection process for transportation providers and emphasized the need for comprehensive training and guidance for employees.

She urged the district to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident

The president of the Franklin Township School Board, Nancy Lacorte, expressed her heartfelt condolences.

During the board meeting, members offered support to grieving mom Nash and extended an invitation for her to reach out whenever she feels ready. “I’m hopeful,” grieving mom Nash responded, acknowledging the offer. “As they said, I will reach out to them directly and see if they are willing to make a change.”

The community stands in solidarity with grieving mom Najmah Nash as she seeks answers and accountability to ensure such a tragedy never happens again.


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