Healthcare Workers Rally for Improved Patient Care within Kaiser Permanente on Labor Day

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Organizers emphasized the chronic issues of lengthy patient wait times, missed diagnoses, neglect, and understaffing, calling for immediate improvements.

Kaiser Permanente on Labor Day
Kaiser Permanente on Labor Day ( Photo: Times of San Diego )

In a Labor Day demonstration, healthcare workers converged in Los Feliz to shed light on the persistent challenges plaguing patient care within the Kaiser Permanente system

Despite a peaceful protest on the Kaiser Permanente system, the Los Angeles Police Department took action, arresting 25 individuals who failed to disperse when an unlawful assembly was declared at 11:20 a.m. on Monday.

The rally commenced at Los Feliz Elementary School and continued with a march to Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, located on Sunset Boulevard. Union members, demanding change, engaged in a “civil disobedience action.”

During the event, SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West expressed solidarity with its members and their cause, highlighting the need to address healthcare issues in California.

Simultaneously, the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions is in the midst of negotiations for a new contract to replace the one expiring on September 30.

Kaiser Permanente issued a statement, asserting their efforts to hire thousands of new employees despite labor shortages and claiming their competitive compensation packages attract talented individuals

Labor Day was marked by various events across Los Angeles County, including the 44th annual Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Labor Coalition Labor Day Parade & Picnic Rally, celebrating the role of labor unions in shaping the American dream.

The parade, attended by thousands, showcased the strength and unity of the labor movement, with notable participation from Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass. This year’s turnout was boosted by recent union achievements in negotiations and ongoing strikes in various sectors of the Kaiser Permanente system.

In his Labor Day proclamation, President Joe Biden praised the contributions of American workers and highlighted the historic role of organized labor in shaping the nation’s work conditions and standards. Labor Day, a tribute to workers’ contributions, originated in New York City in 1882 and later became a nationally recognized holiday.


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