Hidden risks: A dad and 2 kids recently drowned in the San Jacinto River

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Search teams reported finding a body in the San Jacinto River after looking for a guy who went missing during swimming.

Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office say they think it’s the man who was last spotted at Magnolia Gardens Park attempting to get to a small island. When he came nearer to the island, he was observed taking a rest in the water, but following that, according to friends, he vanished.

The man’s family thinks a medical problem caused what seemed to be a tragedy. They claimed that the guy was swimming well and had not put on a life jacket.

“The island could appear closer, but that is misleading, even when you are a great swimmer, as the family claims. Lt. David Jasper of the HCSO remarked, “It’s quite a bit further.

The director of Magnolia Gardens Parks, a riverside campground, noted that the island’s aspect can also be misleading.

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