Home Depot is offering a $52,300 little house with 2 floors, a garage, and no mortgage


Many people are moving to compacted dwellings in an era of rising inflation in an attempt to reduce expenditures.

For these, some people go to The Home Depot.

One, in particular, is a balcony garage offered at $52,399 at the house renovation retailer.

Remember that the Hud-1 EZ Buildings-branded component has to be put together first.

3 wood doors, a tongue and groove wall, deck panels, key entry hardware, two garage doors, a balcony, and 4 single-glazed windows are some of the different components that are included.

The little house is 688 square feet in size and includes a top story as well.

Hud-1 EZ Buildings has received a flawless five-star rating from customers.

However, just two customers have given those goods reviews.

The most significant benefit is that it may be capable to eliminate or prevent you from getting out a lengthy mortgage.

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