Home of the Gilgo Beach suspect featured a walk-in vault with 279 weapons

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The majority of the 279 weapons were stored in an underground vault that was large enough for a person to walk through, according to the investigators, who have charged Long Island architect Rex Heuermann in the Gilgo Beach serial killing case.

At a press conference held in front of Mr. Heuermann’s ranch house, where law enforcement has been gathering proof ever since the detention.

Raymond A. Tierney, the district attorney for Suffolk County, announced that his staff had been looking for over a week and was now coming to an end. For years, Mr. Heuermann traveled to his architectural firm in Manhattan while living with his loved ones in the run-down one-story house with the messy lawn on First Avenue in Massapequa Park, New York.

Crime scene investigators spend an entire week excavating the backyard and gathering objects that included big pieces of furniture to little bags of household goods. The suspect’s now-divorced wife and 2 grown children had left the property.

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