Police Search for Man Who Left Poisonous Substance in Midtown Hyatt Hotel Room, Making Housekeeper Sick!

  • A man who sneaked into a Manhattan hotel room and left a white powder behind is wanted by police. On Tuesday at about 1 p.m., a hotel cleaner cleaned the room, found the white powdery substance in the bathroom, and felt “dizzy and sick.” She’s in a nearby hospital and likely to live.
  • The maid reported a strange powder in room 1111 at the Park Hyatt Hotel on West 57th Street near Seventh Avenue in midtown. Police and fire responded. The Joint Terrorism Task Force sent police and FBI agents to evacuate the eleventh floor.
  • According to the CDC, a preliminary field test by the FDNY found RDX, short for Royal Demolition eXplosive. Cyclonite or hexogen is explosive when mixed with other substances. Commercial items use RDX.
  • At a later press conference, authorities stated the employee had cleaned the room, leaving just trace amounts of powder for the NYPD to test. Police stated the preliminary test was a false positive.
  • Police claimed a male entered the room after a family left Sunday morning. The individual police recognized but did not name may have picked up a hotel key after a family member dropped it. However, the family’s key wasn’t deactivated.
  • Police said the man entered the room at about 8:30 p.m. and exited at 10:30 a.m. Monday. The 16-time low-level offender is wanted by the police.

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