Houses in Alaska are devastated by record glacial flooding

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As a result of record floods caused by the flow of water from a glacier-dammed lake, Alaska’s capital city declared a local state of emergency and leaving a minimum of 2 structures in collapse.

The city and borough of Juneau, the state’s capital, declared a local state of emergency on Sunday following record flooding brought on by a significant water flow from the Suicide Basin, an outer basin of the Mendenhall Glacier. According to the city, a minimum of 2 structures suffered damage, and residents in other buildings who were in danger were removed.

According to the National Weather Service, throughout 2011, glacier lake outbursts from the Suicide Basin have caused flooding across Mendenhall Lake and the Mendenhall River.

As per the National Weather Service, Mendenhall Lake’s water levels reached 14.97 feet on Saturday night, destroying its record of 11.99 feet recorded in July 2016.

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