In California, is it legal to text when the light is red? Here is the necessary traffic laws


As per the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, careless driving causes at least 9 fatal car accidents each day. Disturbed driving includes everything from texting to munching during driving.

What occurs if you’re stuck at a red light and are seen reading your phone?

According to California state law:

The California Vehicle Code’s Section 23123.5 becomes effective in January 2018. It specifies that until an electronic gadget is voice-operated and completely hands-free, an individual can’t drive an automobile when carrying a mobile phone or other portable device.

The systems that came with the car from the manufacturer are excluded from this.

Only when these 2 requirements are met is a driver permitted to access a smartphone or other electronic device:

Similar to a GPS, a cellphone or gadget is installed on the windshield of a car.

A single touch or click on the driver’s device turns on or off a function or feature.

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