In the “most dangerous era in our nation’s history,” according to Trump, Biden “doesn’t know what he’s accomplishing”


In the latest interview footage that was shown on Sunday, former president Donald Trump claimed that Vice President Joe Biden isn’t up to the job in this uncertain moment for the United States due to rising tensions across the world.

“Look, the increasing number of weapons makes this the most hazardous period in our nation’s history. The power of nuclear energy is so great. Following a sit-down interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Trump stated, “This ain’t 2 Army tanks moving and killing each other in World War I or World War II, troops sitting inside a defensive structure and shooting civilians.

In the discussion, which was shown in its entirety on Sunday on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Trump said, “This is obliteration.”

“And there is a man who is acting in an illogical manner. Biden, in Trump’s words, “stood and raised his voice and informed the entire world that we have no weapons. “Did you realize that 3 years ago, every weapons building was stuffed to the gills? We’ve all handed it away. But it would be awful if you distributed everything. Telling the entire world would be far worse. He has stated that we are without weapons to China and these other unfriendly nations.”

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