In the parking area of a Florida primary school, an MMA fighter defeats an alligator that was lurking

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A month ago in Jacksonville, Florida, MMA fighter Mike Dragich succeeded in what could have been the most difficult contest of his career.

A 10-foot alligator had set up a home in the parking area of a nearby primary school when the Marine vet received a call to the scene. Thankfully, Dragich also seems to be a state-approved alligator hunter.

Dragich was capable of trapping the alligator, securing it with an obstacle pole, and, with the help of many first respondents, wrestling it into submission while having a video camera capturing his every step.

“I seemed like Batman, you realize, I come up. I go outside. Many people have said that I resemble Stone Cold when I approach this alligator, Dragich said FOX 35 TV in Orlando.

Alligators can be spotted all over Florida, and at times they will leave the ponds, marshes, and valleys that are their native environments to approach people.

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