Inmate Christopher Smith’s Death Sparks Federal Investigation into Fulton County Jail Conditions

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Tragically, Christopher Smith passed away at a nearby hospital, Grady Memorial, after being resuscitated by medical staff.

Inmate Christopher Smith's Death Sparks Federal Investigation
Inmate Christopher Smith’s Death Sparks Federal Investigation ( Photo: )

Christopher Smith, a 34-year-old inmate at Fulton County Jail in Georgia, was discovered unresponsive within a medical unit cell, prompting an investigation by federal authorities

Christopher Smith had been held in custody since October 6, 2019, facing unspecified felony and misdemeanor charges, the sheriff’s office confirmed.

The circumstances of Christopher Smith’s demise have raised concerns, leading the county’s Medical Examiner’s Office to conduct an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death. This incident takes place amidst an ongoing U.S. Department of Justice inquiry into Fulton County Jail, which has spotlighted Lashawn Thompson’s September 2022 passing as part of a pattern of multiple deaths in recent years. The Department identified severe issues within the facility, citing structural hazards, rampant violence, excessive use of force by officers, and resulting injuries and homicides.

Tragedy previously struck the facility when Thompson, aged 35, died in a cell infested with bedbugs within the jail’s psychiatric wing

Advocates and legal representatives of Thompson’s family rallied for a criminal investigation into his death, presenting evidence of the appalling conditions he endured. Sheriff Patrick Labat, in the past year, acknowledged the jail’s crisis due to overcrowding and inadequate funding.

Recent efforts to address the dire situation include a $5.3 million budget allocation approved by county commissioners, intended for enhancements like inmate health monitoring and enhanced surveillance. As authorities continue to investigate Christopher Smith’s passing and the systemic issues within Fulton County Jail, advocates emphasize the urgency of reform to prevent further tragedies and ensure the well-being of those in custody.


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