Intensive Care Unit Horror: Mother Accused of Stabbing Hospital Staff After Abducting Ailing Newborn

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Kendra Deanna Greene, now behind bars at the Main Detention Center in Palm Beach County, Florida, has been charged with aggravated child abuse, battery, resisting an officer without violence, and two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. No comment has been provided by Greene’s attorney regarding the accusations.

Intensive Care Unit Horror
Intensive Care Unit Horror ( Photo: WFLA )

In a shocking incident, a mother is facing serious charges after allegedly taking her three-day-old baby out of the newborn intensive care unit and attacking three hospital staff members who tried to intervene

While the arrest affidavit has been heavily redacted, with Greene’s name even obscured over the hospital, the sheriff’s office confirmed the allegations in a Facebook post. According to law enforcement, Greene arrived at Palms West Hospital on Thursday.

One of the hospital staffers recounted the harrowing scene described in the affidavit, stating that Greene forcefully removed various life-sustaining devices from the baby in the intensive care unit, including the breathing apparatus, the central line, and the feeding tube in the intensive care unit. The infant from the intensive care unit, who was receiving treatment for underdeveloped lungs, depended on these critical measures for survival. The documents stated that “Victim 04,” aware of the baby’s dire situation without these essential devices in the intensive care unit, desperately tried to convince Greene to stop her actions.

Greene pushed the staff member aside, hurling offensive remarks, and instigated a “code pink” alert, which signifies a child abduction from the intensive care unit through the hospital’s public address system

As per hospital policy, staff members were stationed at exit points to prevent anyone from leaving the premises. Armed with a large, serrated kitchen knife, Greene allegedly attacked three staffers, inflicting injuries on their forearms, hands, and neck. The entire incident was captured on security cameras, according to authorities. Greene managed to flee the scene with the newborn, but investigators were able to locate her later. Fortunately, the baby from the intensive care unit was safely returned to the hospital by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and is currently in stable condition.

Deputies reported that all three injured staff members received medical treatment for their non-life-threatening wounds and were discharged on the same evening. The redacted parts of the affidavit suggest that Greene may be living with schizophrenia and experiencing mental deterioration, as it describes a person struggling to comprehend why she couldn’t bring someone else home.


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