Investigators Found Bodies Of Woman And Daughter In Abandoned Home In Texas

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WISE COUNTY, Texas (TCD) – After a relative contacted law enforcement to do a welfare check, investigators discovered the death of a 42-year-old mother and her 11-year-old daughter inside an abandoned home.

Investigators Found Bodies Of Woman And Daughter In Abandoned Home In Texas. (Photos: truecrimedaily)

According to WFAA-TV, Kimberly Kellam’s brother-in-law phoned the Wise County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, June 12, and expressed concern about her because he hadn’t spoken to her in six months. Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin stated that the family did not report Kellam or her daughter missing because they were “scared to death” by Robert Morairity, 45, and were “afraid to say anything.”

Deputies allegedly discovered Morairity’s residence on County Road 4371 abandoned. They also discovered that the 11-year-old girl had not attended school in a year.

According to the Wise County Messenger, Morairity was discovered in Dallas on Tuesday, June 13, with a 10-year-old and a 3-year-old.

While Morairity went to Wise County and allegedly showed investigators where he left the remains, Child Protective Services seized custody of the children. Kellam and her kid, according to Akin, “had been there for quite some time,” most likely five to six months.

According to the Wise County Sheriff’s Office, detectives “recovered two knives at the scene,” but officials are still awaiting autopsy findings.

Morairity was arrested on accusations of capital murder of a person under the age of ten, murder, and tampering with evidence, according to Wise County records.

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