Jan. 6: Thousands of dollars are being donated to the rioters- US is now pursuing its haul


Texas citizen Daniel Goodwyn went on Tucker Carlson’s then-Fox News program barely a month after he pled guilty to assaulting the U.S. Capitol and encouraging a website where fans could send funds to Goodwyn and other rioters who the site referred to as “political criminals.”

In a move that is part of a rising government attempt to stop rioters from being able to directly profit from taking part in an assault that has shaken the foundations of American democracy, the Justice Department has requested Goodwyn to surrender over $25,000 he gathered.

According to an examination of court documents by the Associated Press, in over 1,000 criminal cases dating back to January 6, 2021, prosecutors are progressively seeking judges to give fines in addition to prison terms to make up for donations from fans of the Capitol rioters.

Numerous defendants have started online raising funds campaigns to raise money for legal costs, and prosecutors admit that it is acceptable for them to do so.

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