Jim Jordan Faces Criticism Over Allegations of Calling 9-Year-Old Rape Victim a Liar

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The claims emerged following the girl’s need to cross state lines from Ohio to Indiana to seek an abortion after the Supreme Court‘s reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Jim Jordan
Jim Jordan ( Photo: Newsweek )

Republican Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio has come under fire after allegations surfaced that he accused a 9-year-old rape victim of lying about her ordeal

Progressive media outlet Occupy Democrats published a Facebook post on July 7, 2023, alleging that Jim Jordan had made these remarks. The post criticized Jim Jordan, highlighting that the rapist had recently received a life sentence. However, it is important to note that other media outlets referred to the girl as being 9 years old at the time, but it is the same individual who turned 10 shortly after the rape and abortion.

The claim against Jim Jordan stems from a tweet he sent in response to Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, who questioned the veracity of a report cited by President Biden. In the now-deleted tweet, Jordan stated, “Another lie. You surprised?” Critics interpreted this as Jim Jordan accusing the child of lying, although he denied this intention in an interview with CNN, affirming that he never doubted the child’s story and was simply questioning the accuracy of the news headline.

Jim Jordan’s remarks have been widely criticized, with many condemning his alleged attack on a young victim and questioning his ability to represent the people

While Occupy Democrats portrayed Jordan as accusing the child of lying, it is essential to recognize that Jordan did not explicitly use the word “lying” or accuse the child directly. His tweet could be seen as questioning the story’s accuracy rather than the honesty of those involved.

The controversy surrounding Jim Jordan‘s alleged comments highlights the sensitivity of the topic of abortion and the complexities of interpreting social media posts. Critics argue that Jordan’s response was inappropriate given the gravity of the situation, while Jordan maintains that his intention was merely to question the media’s reporting.


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