Jorge Joya Found Not Guilty in Road Rage Shooting Case


The jury’s decision comes three years after the tragic incident occurred on U.S. 59 near Hwy 288.

Road Rage Shooting Case
Road Rage Shooting Case ( Photo: KHOU )

Jorge Joya, the man accused of fatally shooting 18-year-old Robert Mouton in a road rage incident in 2020, has been acquitted of all charges

Jorge Joya was facing murder charges for allegedly firing a fatal shot at Mouton’s face during the altercation. However, his defense team successfully presented their case, arguing that there was more to the story than initially presented. Jorge Joya’s attorneys highlighted that Mouton was the aggressor in the confrontation, forcing Jorge Joya to make a life-or-death decision in the heat of the moment.

Throughout the trial, Jorge Joya remained out on bond, albeit with specific conditions imposed. But with the jury’s verdict in his favor, all previous legal restrictions have been lifted. Furthermore, Jorge Joya’s legal team has managed to secure the expungement of the case from his record, leaving no trace of his arrest and the subsequent trial.

The verdict has sparked mixed reactions, with supporters of Jorge Joya celebrating his acquittal while Mouton’s family and friends express their disappointment and sorrow

The circumstances surrounding the incident have reignited discussions about road rage and the importance of de-escalation in confrontations. The community hopes that this tragic event serves as a reminder for individuals to remain calm and composed when faced with tense situations on the road.

The legal battle may be over, but the memory of Robert Mouton continues to linger in the hearts of those who knew him, while Jorge Joya faces the challenge of rebuilding his life in the aftermath of the trial’s conclusion.


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