Jury Convicts Five Men For Killing 10-Year-Old Girl in the District of Columbia

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Five men were found guilty of murder in connection with the shooting death of a 10-year-old child at an apartment complex in 2018; a sixth man was found guilty on related counts.

Michigan Man Is Charged With Murder And Tamper(Photo: ppic.org)


According to the announcement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, Isaiah Murchison, Darrise Jeffers, Gregory Taylor, Qujuan Thomas, and Quentin Michals were convicted in Superior Court of first-degree murder while carrying a weapon, conspiracy to commit a violent crime, affiliation with a criminal street gang, as well as numerous other counts of assault with the intent to kill while armed. Marquell Cobbs was found guilty of conspiring to commit a violent offense by a jury.

According to the statement, Murchison, Taylor, Thomas, and two others drove to an apartment complex in the Clay Terrace neighborhood on July 16, 2018, and began shooting within a courtyard. Makiyah Wilson was standing in front of her house when she was shot.

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Michals and Jeffers, co-defendants, are accused of obtaining the weapons used in the shooting as well as the vehicle they used to get there.

The men are all part of the “Wellington Park crew.”

In contrast, witnesses were “willing to provide information regarding the identity of the shooters.”

Following the shooting, D.C. The Metropolitan Police Department announced a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for Makiyah’s killing.

According to US Attorney Matthew Graves, the men “indiscriminately fired over 50 shots at residents because of a petty social media feud they had with individuals who were associated with that community.”

“Their rampage left multiple people shot and a 10-year-old child dead,” Graves added, “and today’s verdicts demonstrate that we will hold accountable both the shooters in these brazen attacks and those who help them.”

The men will be sentenced in October.

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