Kamala Harris Demands That Hamas Agree To An Instantaneous Six-Week Cease-Fire

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As Israel continues to pound the area, Vice President Kamala Harris asked for an urgent cease-fire in Gaza.

“We must eradicate the problem that Hamas presents to the Israeli people. In Selma, Alabama, on Sunday, Harris stated, “And given the enormous extent of pain in Gaza, there has to be an immediate cease-fire for a minimum of 6 weeks, and that’s what is at present on the table.” On the anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” Harris gave a speech at the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

This will release the captives and provide a substantial amount of assistance. This would enable us to construct something more durable in order to guarantee Israel’s security and to uphold the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination, independence, and dignity,” the speaker continued.

Following President Joe Biden’s decision on Friday to bring emergency assistance into Gaza, in addition to his recent dilution of his confidence for the six-week cease-fire, came Harris’ statements.

The cease-fire plan, in which both Israel and Hamas militants must give consent, was stated to have been “more or less accepted” by the Israelis previously this week, according to a White House official.

Harris is pushing for a cease-fire just days after the Israel Defense Forces opened fire on a crowd of Palestinians waiting for food trucks, killing over 100 and injuring over 750.

In order to greatly boost the supply of assistance, the Israeli government needs to take further action. Not one excuse,” Harris exclaimed.

“The United States is determined to provide more life-saving help to innocent Palestinians struggling as soon as possible, as President Joe Biden stated on Friday. The Department of Defense conducted its first humanitarian aid airdrop yesterday. As well as these airdrops will still be carried out by the US. Additionally, we’ll be working on a new plan to send relief by sea,” she continued.

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